Oak Acids


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Oak Acids - The natural ph lowers

Oak Acids are the most natural way of lowering your pH.

Oak Acids are made from extracts from the large oak tree.

Besides being a natural and organic acid, Oak acids are rich in Tannins, Iron, Potassium and Vitamin B12.

Tannins have an anti bacterial and fungicidal effect and can prevent uncontrolled growth of microbes.

Iron helps to supply the fish's cells with oxygen.

Potassium is at top 10 over the most important elements for your fish. Also contributes to the growth of your plants.

B12 Vitamin generally contributes to healthy fish. affects blood cells, nerves, digestion and energy levels positively!

I have tested the product since May 2017. I have really good experiences with Oak Acids, I still use Oak acids in my plant!


Recommended dose for ph lowering based on conductivity.

50ma - 2.5ml per 100lt.

200ms - 10ml per 100lt.

600ms - 25ml per 100lt.

Do not lower the ph more than 0.5 an hour!

The dosage is guiding.

The effect may vary depending on the composition of the water.

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