Krystal Shrimp, Frozen


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Crystal Shrimp, Frozen

In fine quality, Crystal shrimp are approx. 2-3cm long. Good feed for bigger aquarium fish!

Added vitamins and trace elements that ensure healthy growth of your fish.

Package Contents:

90% Crystal Shrimps 10% water

Nutritional Information:

Protein 8.8%, Fat 1.5%, Fiber 0.6%

Ash 0,4%, Water 83.0%

Added Vitamins per kg

A Vitamin 250IE, vitamin D 10IE, vitamin E 1mg, vitamin B 50mcg, vitamin B2 100mcg, vitamin B6 Vitamin 80mcg, vitamin B12mg vitamin Vitamin 1mg, vitamin K3 vitamin 15mg, vitamin B3 vitamin 1mg

B5 Vitamin 500mcg, Biotin 5mcg, Folic Acid 30mcg

Added trace elements per kg

Iron sulfate 3mg, Aluminum Carbonate 80mg, cobalt carbonate 15mcg, Sodium selenite 5mcg, Calcium 218mcg, Natron 60mg, Magnesium 10mg, Omega3 45mg

Feeding Instructions

Break a piece of the plate. Put the piece in a Fine net and rinse with water until it's defrozen. Then feed your fish.