Fulvic Acids

Fulvic Adcis


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Fulvic Acids

Fulvic acid is the smallest of the human substances and is biologically extremely active. Unlike humin acid, fulvic acid is fully soluble throughout the pH range and will therefore have its full effect in any aquatic environment. Due to its low molecular weight, it has the ability to easily bind minerals and trace elements into their molecular structure, make them dissolve and become mobile volatile complexes. Thus, the Fulvic acid carries all known minerals and trace elements as part of its molecular complexity. These, therefore, end up in an ideal natural form that can be absorbed by plant cells and interact with living cells. Plants absorb lightly large amounts of fulvic acid and can maintain it in their structure.

Low molecular weight substances can penetrate cell membranes and high molecular weight substances, can not. Fulvic acid in conjunction with water is very low molecular weight and thus, in its pure form, 100% absorbable to living cells. In addition, fulvic acid lowers the surface tension and allows the water to penetrate other organic molecules and it has been proven that the fulvic acid increases the solubility of otherwise insoluble organic materials at least 20 times more than water alone. Fulvic acid can 'fix' organic compounds with high molecular weight and make them water soluble.


Add 1-10ml per. 100L water once a week, and always after water change! Can not be overdosed.

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