Discus Minerals

Discus Minerals


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Discus Minerals - Minerals and Trace Elements for Discus

Pure water (H2O) is an inhospitable place. Alleen bij opgeloste mineralen, sporenelementen en humane stoffen ontstaat een gezond milieu. Discus Minerals at Discusfood contains a balanced mixture of minerals and trace elements such as found in natural waters. For soft-water tanks, demineralized water without any natural ingredients is used (e.g., by osmosis). Discus Minerals compensates for the lack of minerals and trace elements. The water will be mineralized. Discus Minerals is especially optimized for soft-water biotopes.

Discus Minerals prevents damage from mineral deficiency. It generates a healthy aquarium water. Discus Minerals contains no NaCl (cooking salt) and does not increase the carbonate hardness.


15 g of Discus Minerals to 100 liters of osmosis water or 10 g to 100 liters of soft water. Discus Minerals is readily soluble. Dissolve the mineral mixture completely in a separate container with water. 1 g to 10 liter increases hardness at approx. 3 ° GH and conductance by approx. 150 μS / cm.

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