Benkers Rejemix

35,00 kr.

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Benkers Shrimpmix is ​​a complete feed for discus, L-mall and other cichlids based on shellfish.

The best alternative to beef heart!


Scalagons, crab, fish fillet, spirulina, garlic, spinach and vitamins

Nutritional Information:

Crude protein 7.8%

fat (HCL) 1.4%

ash 2.1%

Calcium 0.49%

Magnesium 0.06%

Iron 7.3mg / kg

Vitamin A u.d.Nwg. (<2000 IU / kg)

Vitamin B1 1.6mg / kg

Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) 1.1mg / kg

Vitamin E 26mg / kg